Creating unique gripping documentary productions remains our prime objective.

“Behind the Rainbow” Inspiring Youth Documentary Series for SABC2


Promo’s of documentaries for SABIDO PRODUCTIONS (eMEDIA):



"Strings" 2016 ( - about upcoming young violinist Bonolo Kgaile

"Blood Family" 2017 ( - about retired principal Johan Volsteedt and his relationship with two brilliant girls with traumatised pasts

The Invisible Children” 2018 ( – about a Free State community reacting to the plight of Lesotho orphans


SHORT DOCCIES (20 – 30 min) 2005 – 2010:

The Life and Death of Rosaline Majola (on teenage alcoholism)

The Friday People (on the rape of a 9-month-old baby in a troubled community)

Arise! (townsfolk’s turmoil after predictions by a self-proclaimed prophet that a dead man will rise)

Diamonds & Dorings (on agricultural land expropriation)

The Underground (on illegal mining)

Dennis Hurley (biography on anti-apartheid icon)

Cry Witch (on accusations of witchcraft in modern-day South Africa)

Somebody’s Watching (on a controversial people tracking invention)

Turf (on Bangladeshi businessmen meeting fierce opposition in SA townships)

Story of a South African farm school (on farm labourers’ struggles to get their children educated)

What Happened to the Donkey People? (on the fate of the colourful sheep-shearing nomads of the Karoo)

Kalahari Chronicles (on story-telling in South Africa’s harsh semi-desert)

Sweets for Mpolokeng (on Aids orphans in Lesotho)

The Big Black (on cave diver Dave Shaw’s final dive)

Waiting for the Rain (on a San community’s disillusions after receiving land)

FULL LENGTH DOCUMENTARIES (52 min) 2010 – 2014:

Grave Hunters 2010

(on SA’s Missing Persons Task Team searching for the bodies of anti-apartheid activists)

The Giant Pink S 2010 (on Africa’s first artificial flamingo breeding island)

Sharpeville Echoes 2011 (on apartheid’s worst massacre, half a century down the line)

Postcards from China (series) 2011 (on South Africans finding a foothold in China)    

Life in the World’s Largest Crater 2012 (on the Vredefort Dome)

Blind Trust 2012 (on a blind horse endurance rider)

Beautiful Africa – My Second Home (series) 2012 (on the hopes and dreams of Chinese people coming to Africa)

Birdmen Chronicles 2013 (on wingsuiters’ unique approach to life and death)

Shèri – A Life of Downs and Ups 2014 (on a young woman with Down Syndrome taking part in a unique project to find a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease)